Online Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in Human Development [Family Support Studies]

This program helps prepare students for a career in a variety of community, state and federal human service agencies, foundations or educational settings. Some of the core upper division credits of the HD degree include Research Approaches to Human Development, Public Policy Issues Facing Families and Individuals, Application of HD Theories, and an Internship.

Courses that lead to an AA transfer degree

Edmonds Community College offer the courses online that support an AA degree and fulfill the lower-division requirements for the BA in Human Development degree.

Upper-division courses leading to BA in Human Development degree

WSU offers the upper-division courses needed to complete the WSU BA in Human Development degree at a distance.

Summary of the BA requirements and planning sheets

View a summary matrix of the BA requirements and the degree planning sheets (all core and elective credit requirements) by institution:

Contact an Advisor

It is critical that a student considering the online AA Human Development transfer degree consult with a community college advisor on a regular basis.

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