Veterans Resource Center

Steps to Apply for Veterans' Educational Benefits

Step One: Apply for Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

Step Two: Admission, Advising, Assessment, and Registration

Step Three: Attend a Veteran's Orientation

After you have completed Step 1 and have been admitted to the college (Step 2), call 425.640.1175 to schedule an orientation. Parents, spouses, and/or significant others are welcome to join you in the orientation session. Bring the following paperwork to the orientation session:

For Chapter 35 – Dependents/Spouse, bring the following paperwork to the orientation:

Step 4: Meet with the VA Certifying Official

After you attend orientation, you have the opportunity to sit down with the VA Certifying Official to go over your paperwork and discuss the process of receiving your benefits. Additional information and rules that apply to receiving your benefits are explained during this meeting.

Please note that you are free to make an appointment to meet with the VA Certifying Official at any time during this process, and at any time you have questions or concerns. To make an appointment, call 425.640.1175.