Community College Television

Civic Engagement Programming

As part of the on-going “Engaging Our Communities” program at Edmonds Community College, the College hosts a cable/ online television program titled “Civic Engagement’.   We are now in our 10 th year of production. This program is available on Comcast 21/26 and Frontier 38. Over one hundred programs in this series can viewed on iTunes U @ www.edcc.edu/itunesu and The Civic Engagement Channel on Vimeo.

The purpose of the show is two-fold.  First, it is an opportunity for community leaders to offer a first-hand, unfiltered account of direction they are leading the county and region. Viewers hear directly from the guest rather than reading about them in the paper.

The second purpose it to break down the misconception of distant, unconnected leaders.  “Civic Engagement” seeks to show the human side of elected officials and local leaders, so that voters and viewers may see that “government” consists of regular folks doing their job.

For current cable programming see Ch 21 & 38 cablecast schedule

The views and opinions expressed in this series do not necessarily represent the opinions of Edmonds Community College, its administration, faculty, staff, or students.