This program is nbsolete

Service Learning

In partnership with Safe Passage (Camino Seguro), an international nonprofit 501 (c)(3), Edmonds CC students will work for one week as a team to serve and empower the poorest children and families living in and around the Guatemala City dump. Through direct volunteer work, we will make a difference by providing much needed services and participating in activities that foster hope, good health, educational achievement, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and confidence.

Language Learning

All participants will be have the opportunity to experience language learning in ways that are unparalleled to the typical classroom! Together we will study Spanish intensively for three days. From beginners to fluent speakers, all levels of Spanish speakers are welcome and accommodated. Furthermore, we will be immersed in authentic local life as we live with local Guatemalan home-stay families.


We will travel together through this beautiful and enchanting land to visit the country's most beautiful natural destination: Semuc Champey. We will end our journey in Flores, our home base, as we traverse two Mayan ruin sites,Yaxha and Tikal. The ruins at these two locations are considered to be the most impressive of all ancient Mayan sites in Central America.