Services for Students with Disabilities

Tutoring Request

Before completing this form, please note the following:

  • Tutoring is not a legally required accommodation, but a service provided on a case-by-case basis
  • Tutoring is limited and not available for every student and every subject
  • If SSD is unable to provide tutoring, please utilize the Learning Support Center in MUK 113
  • Tutoring generally begins the second week of the quarter and concludes when classes end
  • If scheduled, students may receive up to two hours of weekly tutoring for each class

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Read the Tutor Agreement below

  • Submit your request to Erik Trekell at SSD
  • Check your email for updates on the status of your request
  • Contact Erik Trekell at eric.trekell@email.edcc.edu or 425.640.1528 if you have questions

I understand that receiving SSD tutoring services is conditional upon my adherence to the following conditions. I understand that failure to comply with the conditions of this agreement may result in the loss of my tutoring privilege. I agree to the following conditions:

 Before each tutoring session

 Working with a Tutor

 Changes in schedule

Loss of privilege

 Tutoring Times and Locations

 Throughout the week

 Each Quarter