Note Taker Request

Guidelines for Students receiving Note taking Services

  1. Students must complete a “Note Taker Request” each quarter in which a note taker is needed, even if you are working with the same note taker as in previous quarters.
  2. Note Takers may be found by:
    1. SSD office will send an email to your instructor(s) asking them to make an announcement in class that anyone interested in sharing their class notes should contact the SSD office (MLT 159) to complete a Note Taker Application
    2. Asking one of your classmates to share their class notes with you.
    3. Asking your instructor(s) if he/she could recommend a competent student that might share their notes
  3. It is your responsibility to:
    1. Advise SSD if you find your own note taker.
    2. Determine if the notes are clear and appropriate for your needs and to notify SSD within the first two (2) weeks of service if they are not.
    3. Pick up notes from the SSD Office or the note taker directly after each class. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of note taker.
    4. Report to SSD any problem(s) that occur with the notes.
    5. Contact SSD immediately if you change your schedule or drop a class.

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