Prior Learning Assessment

Special Projects 

The Special Project process is used when you have met with an Edmonds Community College faculty member who has determined that:

The Special Project self-support fee is $350 and is payable after the faculty member and division dean have approved the project.  There are no refunds for any project that is not completed. 

Successful Special Projects will be transcripted as elective credit by either a decimal grade of an “S.”  Credits earned through a Special Project will count toward Edmonds Community College's residency requirement.

If you plan to transfer to another institution, be sure to check the transferability of these credits.

The Special Project Request form is located by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. You will go through a series of steps which begin with “Welcome to the Online Electronic Forms.” You will:

If you have any difficulty or questions, please contact the PLA director at priorlearning@edcc.edu or plemay@edcc.edu

You are now ready to begin: Special Projects Online Forms