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Mill Creek Cooperative Preschool

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Location: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church | 12810 35th Ave SE | Everett, WA

At Mill Creek Cooperative Preschool our goal is to enhance development of the children's confidence and self esteem, as well as their emotional, social, physical, cognitive and intellectual skills.

Our teacher has designed the classroom environment to provide the children with a wide range of opportunities to play, explore, and interact. Because development is unique process for each child, children are encouraged to explore at their own pace. The activities in the centers are changed frequently, to keep the preschool environment stimulating. Additionally, outdoor playtime is scheduled every day.

How to enroll

Contact us to schedule a visit!

Call Melinda 425.379-9938 (messages only)

or email us at info@millcreekcoop.org

Thursday and Friday mornings: ages 2 to 3
Child must be two by Aug. 31.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings: ages 3 to 4
Child must be three by Aug. 31.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons: ages 4 to 5
Child must be four by Aug. 31.

Infant-Toddler Program

Mill Creek Co-op Preschool 

Call 425.379.9938 to arrange a visit:

  • Ask questions,
  • Hear more about the preschool, and
  • Meet teachers and other parents.