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Login Directions

Edmonds CC has transitioned to a more secure login method! All students will now utilize their Student Identification (SID) numbers. SIDs are provided to you once you enroll at the college, by Enrollment Services.

1. Change Your Default Password

All students must change their default password before logging in to eLearning. The default password is a combination of the first 2 letters of your first name (with first letter capitalized) + the last 6 digits of your SID. Use the examples below to determine your default password and then create your new password using the tool at the bottom of this page.

Default Password Examples

John Doe 123456789 Jo456789
Mary Smith 123456789 Ma456789
H Lau 123456789 H*456789
*If your name is a single letter, the password will have a single letter, followed by an asterisk.

2. Create Your New Password

Using your default password (determined from the examples in Step 1 above), you will now type in your complete information to create your own unique password. New passwords must be STRONG passwords and at least 8 characters in length. For strong password information and password tips, click here.

Create your password online now!

3. Login to eLearning

You may now log into eLearning (online classes) 

Student Technical Assistance

The Student Technology Advice & Resource Team (START) is a student led resource focused on helping students understand available technology and putting that technology to its best use.


START works on a first come, first served basis, and operates out of Lynnwood Hall Room 305. Students can also visit us online, to find information about drop-in services, workshops, and online tutorials.

Phone Support




Lynnwood Hall Room 305 (Library Commons Area)

START your college journey right, by stopping by to see how we can help.