School of Makers

The School of Makers is a series of noncredit continuing education classes and open lab sessions designed for people who want to build things. Our classes range on subjects from 3D printers and design, to robotics and electronics. Coupled with lab time in the Engineering Technology labs in Monroe Hall, this program offers hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and artists one-of-a-kind access to high tech equipment and expertise. Sign up for one or more of our classes or open lab sessions listed below, and turn your bright idea into reality. If you really want to get into a large project, sign up for one of our summer package deals.

Open Lab Day | $75 day pass | Register

Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5-11 pm and one weekend a month 10 am-6 pm, we will have open lab time available for a fee or in combination with one of our packages or classes. Learn more about some of the equipment we have here.

I Wanna Build a ____________ | 3-60 minute sessions | $125 | Register

This discussion based course that will provide you with the resources necessary to complete projects of your invention. Topics will include how and where to get raw ingredients, what equipment and processes you will need, as well as other educational opportunities that may assist in your project. The only prerequisite is that you have an idea.

3 Dimensional Design for the Real World | 3-90 minute sessions | $175 | Register

One of the steps in making anything is designing it. This class will teach you how to bring that idea out of your head and into a computer. From there you can send it to Kickstarter, manufacture, or your own equipment. We will use Geomagic, an inexpensive 3D modeling software, as a platform, but the class will focus on the basics that will serve you no matter which software you choose.  Students must bring a laptop computer with Geomagic installed (a download will be provided after enrollment).

How to Build Your Own 3D Printer or CNC Machine | 3-90 minute sessions | $175 | Register

3D printers and CNC machines are becoming increasingly in demand for the Maker's shop. We’ll give you a breakdown of all the systems that make up a CNC, from the bearings to the controller. Whether you decide to purchase a kit, buy plans, or design from scratch there will be plenty of important information for you in this class.

Automatic Beer | 2-60 minute sessions+ 1 lab day | $125 | Register

A brewing class for makers and a making class for brewers! In this class taught by Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery and Engineering Technology staff, students will work together to design an inexpensive DIY process controller for better brewing at home. 

Arduino for Lighting, Motion and Automation | 3-90 minute session | $175 | Register

Learn how to make the popular hobbyist microprocessor platform control various projects. Day one will focus on lighting, day two on motion, and day three will focus on home automation. Several projects will be tackled, and resources identified for further projects. Students must bring a laptop computer with Arduino IDE installed, an Arduino Uno board is also required and can be purchased on site for $30.

Electronic Circuit Basics | 2-90 minute sessions | $125 | Register

Learn the basics of electronic circuitry. You’ll produce several electronics projects using a breadboard and gain knowledge to build even more.

Soldering Basics | 1-60 minute session; $75 | Register

Get up and running on your electronic builds with this course in basic soldering skills.

Making Printed Circuit Boards | 1-90 minute session +1 lab day | $125 | Register

Students will learn design their own LED nameplate circuit board! This session shows you how to design and make your own circuit boards. Several methods will be taught giving everyone a home-based way to produce small and effective electronic devices. 

CNC Programming for the Hobbyist | 3-60 minute session | $125 | Register

This session is a survey of the affordable CAM software solutions available. Instruction will be given on the basics of how to create tool paths to produce your own CNC machined parts from your CAD designs. Students must bring a laptop computer.

Sumo Robotics | 2-90 minute sessions | $125 | Register

Students willBuild and program Lego robots for a Sumo battle. The basic input and output of robots will be explored. This class is a great place to start before taking an Arduino class. 

Bobble Your Head | 1-90 minute session | $150 | Register

Make a bobble head of yourself! We’ll scan your head and then you can print out a bobble-head in your likeness on one of our 3D printers.  After class it’s up to you to paint or decorate it however you like. A fun class that’s perfect for a parent-child activity (children under 16 are $50 each with a full priced adult).

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