Video Lab Frequently Asked Questions

What type of DVD's should I buy?


What does the DVD-R or RW mean?

Data on a DVD-R cannot be changed, whereas a DVD-RW (DVD-rewritable) can be rewritten multiple (1000+) times. EXCEPT when finalized for playback on standard DVD players.

Where can I buy just one DVD for this project?

The Edmonds Community College Bookstore.

Why won't my video playback on my DVD player?

It wasn't "finalized".

Do I need to finalize the video?

In order to allow interchange between recorders, it is necessary to finalize or protect DVD-RW media before putting these in another recording system. DVD-R media must be finalized before playback is possible in players.

How do I finalize the video?

Refer to Mini-DiscCam Instructions @ http://www.edcc.edu/viscom/Videolab.php

What if I want to record more later?

This is not possible with the Mini DVD camera system.

Can I edit the video now to chop off the beginning or ending?

Currently there is no facility at EDCC to edit your video.

Where can I go to get a copy of my video created?

Currently there is no facility at Edmonds CC to copy DVDs.

If I recorded more than one "session" do I have to finalize all sessions or can I choose them?

All sessions must be finalized before playback is possible in DVD players.