Intensive ESL

Intensive ESL

My Courses

My Courses

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Reading classes teach reading skills and vocabulary.  You will read to find information and read for pleasure.      


Reading 1        Reading 2        Reading 3        Reading 4        Reading 5


Writing classes help you improve your written English, from short paragraphs to essays and formal letters.  You will also learn to improve the grammar and expression in your writing.


Writing 1           Writing 2           Writing 3           Writing 4           Writing 5


You learn and practice grammar structures to understand English and to express yourself more clearly in writing and in speaking.


Grammar 1        Grammar 2        Grammar 3        Grammar 4        Grammar 5


You learn skills to understand spoken American English and to express yourself using English.  Most classes also study idioms and skills for conversations, group discussions and speeches.


Speaking/Listening 1              Speaking/Listening 2                  Speaking/Listening 3


Level 4 + 5 Speaking/Listening Courses