Intensive ESL

Edmonds CC Information

Here are useful links to information and places for Intensive ESL students at Edmonds Community College.


You can buy your ESL textbooks and other supplies at the bookstore, located inside the Triton Student Center in Brier Hall.


Many students use the bus. Community Transit is the bus service in our area. You can ride buses for a low fee with your EdPass. (See also EdPass.)


The Brier Grill is in the Triton Student Center in Brier Hall. There are also espresso bars with drinks and some food in Mountlake Terrace Hall (Triton Espresso) and Mukilteo Hall (Triton II Espresso). There are vending machines in several buildings.


Edmonds CC is on the quarter system and has four quarters per academic year: fall, winter, spring, and summer. The Intensive ESL program follows the college academic calendar, but the first day of the quarter (usually a Monday) is for new student testing. The second day of the quarter (usually a Tuesday) is for registration for all ESL students. Classes begin on the third day of the quarter (usually a Wednesday). The “add” or “drop” dates on the calendar are NOT for ESL classes.

Center for Families

The Center for Families offers daycare for children ages 6 months to 5 years.

College Café

Students in the Culinary Arts Program run the College Café in Brier Hall. Students design the meals, cook the food, and serve the meals. You can eat wonderful food for a low price. Check current menus and hours.


Besides the Intensive ESL Computer lab, students can use computers in the library in Lynnwood Hall and in open computer labs on the first floor of Alderwood Hall. You can also get wireless access for your laptop in any Edmonds CC building, but you need to change your default password first.

Conversation Partner

ESL students can sign up to get a conversation partner through International Student Services. This is a great way to meet people and practice English!

Counseling Center

The Edmonds CC Counseling Center offers help for students. If you are having problems or if you are feeling a lot of stress, you can talk to a counselor. They can also help find a counselor who speaks your native language. It is in Mountlake Terrace 145.


Both international and American students live in Rainier Place, a dormitory on campus. The Homestay Program is also run by the Housing Office at Rainier Place.


If there is an emergency and you need the police or fire truck or ambulance, call 911. Explain the problem.

On campus, you can call campus security (like campus police) at 425.754.0154 (cell) or 425.640.1501 (office).

International Student Services (ISS)

The International Students Services office is the first place for all international students. ISS takes care of applications, orientation, housing, activities, and advising. The ISS office is in the Glacier Building.


The Edmonds CC student ID card is the EdPass. After you register for classes, you can go to the EdPass office Lynnwood Hall (second floor) to get your EdPass (photo ID). You can use your EdPass to ride Community Transit buses for a low fee (see bus information). The EdPass is also used to check out books from the Edmonds CC Library.


You will receive a number grade, 0–4.0, at the end of the quarter. Your teacher will explain the grading system for each class.


Edmonds CC students can use the Seaview Hall gym and weight room.

Golf Course

Edmonds CC has a beautiful golf course on campus that is shared with the City of Lynnwood.


The Library is located on the third floor of Lynnwood Hall. It includes books, ESL books, magazines, and newspapers. The Commons is a library area with numerous computers for students. There are also quiet study areas and group study rooms.


Here is a map of the Edmonds CC campus.


Student parking is free, but you need a sticker for your car. You can get the parking sticker in the EdPass office in the Bookstore. You may not park in staff parking lots. Parking lots are busy during peak hours (9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.). It is often easier to find parking in the lot on 196th Street SW. It is a short walk to campus from there.


Edmonds CC wants all students and staff to use the recycling bins in classrooms and around campus. Find out what can and cannot go into the recycling bins.

Services for Students with Disabilities


This office helps students who need extra help. If you have problems with seeing, hearing, or walking, or if you have special learning needs, talk to an ISS adviser or your teacher. You can also visit this office in Mountlake Terrace 159.


Smoking is allowed only in special outdoor smoking areas.  Put cigarette butts into the ashtrays, not on the ground.

Sports Teams

International students can play on Edmonds CC sports teams if they have good grades. (First talk to an adviser at ISS.)

Student Programs

Edmonds CC Student Programs and the Center for Student Engagement & Leadership organize activities, lectures, and the student government. The Student Programs office is in Brier Hall, above the bookstore. Enjoy the game room and get free popcorn on the first floor, too.

Student Clubs

ESL students are welcome to join Edmonds CC student clubs. This is a great way to meet other students and to use English.

Testing Center

You may register for and take the Edmonds CC Institutional TOEFL test at the testing center. When you finish Intensive ESL, you will also take college placement tests here.


This site will give you more information about traveling to school.