Housing - Residence Hall

What Students Say

Melissa Juganda Melissa Juganda, psychology, High School Completion

Favorite Quote "We are what we think we are and with our thoughts we make our world.."

Where are you from? Indonesia

Why did you choose Edmonds CC housing? I want to experience living with other international students and be more social with them.

Before Edmonds CC I was... A High School Student from Indonesia

How has living on-campus helped you? Living on-campus has helped me to know more people from many different countries and learn their cultures.

What's your favorite part of Edmonds CC housing? Edmonds Community College housing has many interesting events, such as Movie Nights, Housing Ski Trip, National Colleges Fairs, games and many more.

Favorite Memory of Housing I have so many good memories of housing, one of them is when we went to the National Colleges Fair. It was so much fun and very useful as we got many information about universities from out of states.

Best advice for students Don't be afraid to socialize with other international students !!!!!!

Future Goal Transfer to a university