Step 1: Look up Your Account
Step 2: Change/Reset Your Password
Step 3: Login!

You will need your Student ID number (SID): 95XXXXXXX and PIN: date of birth MMDDYY (Example: September 12, 2011=> 091211).

All students enrolled in any course greater than 0.0 credits at Edmonds Community College have an EdMail student email account. All important information from the college — about enrollment, financial aid, classes, etc. — is sent through your EdMail account. We do not use your personal email.

Access Your EdMail Account

EdMail accounts will be active 24 hours after registering for any course greater than 0.0 credits. Write down the EdMail address and keep it safe.

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EdMail, Canvas, and Financial Aid

Your @edmail.edcc.edu email account is automatically loaded into Canvas and the Financial Aid system, replacing your personal email address. All email sent via Canvas and from Financial Aid, including mail sent from instructors, will go to students' EdMail addresses. You are responsible for communications sent to this address. Your Canvas login will not be affected.

Why Do We Do This?

EdMail is the official means of communication between Edmonds Community College and our students. Our goal is to provide a reliable and secure email address for important college business, such as emergency communications, communicating with your instructors and student government, and contacting financial aid or enrollment services.

Benefits to students:

EdMail also gives you access to online applications, including: