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Student Government

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Make the most of your college experience! Ask questions, voice concerns, and share ideas with your Associated Students of Edmonds Community College Executive Board.

Executive Board Meetings 

Held 3-5 p.m. on Tuesdays. More information can be found here.

Fall Quarter 2015

Date Meeting Chair Location
October 6 Scott Tan BRI 231
October 13 Lora Liao BRI 233
October 20 Soohwan Jung SQL 205
October 27 Kevin Wibowo BRI 231/233
November 3 Kevin Monsanto SQL 205
November 10 Pakawat Maneechaemsai BRI 231/233
November 17 Saundra Haddix SQL 205
November 24 Lia Andrews BRI 231/233
December 1 Scott Tan SQL 205

Work Session Meeting Schedule

Fall Quarter 2015 | 5:30-7 p.m. | Brier 231/233

Date Meeting Chair
October 5 Scott Tan
October 12 Lora Liao
October 19 Soohwan Jung
October 26 Kevin Wibowo
November 2 Kevin Monsanto
November 9 Pakawat Maneechaemsai
November 16 Saundra Haddix
November 23 Lia Andrews
November 30 Scott Tan

You can also visit your student leaders during office hours in Brier Hall 252, call 425.640.1581, or connect on Facebook.

The Executive Board

This is the official voice of the student body. The board legislates, promotes, and regulates student activities and affairs. It represents Edmonds Community College students to faculty, staff, administrators, and legislators. The board can only act on issues raised by students, so please voice your concerns and share your accolades.

Meet the 2015-16 Executive Officers

Photo Name
Scott Tan Scott Tan - Clubs
Lia Andrews Lia Andrews - Administrative Liaison
Kevin Wibowo Kevin Wibowo - Budget and Finance
Porsche Maneechaemsai Porsche Maneechaemsai - Community Relations
Saundra Haddix Saundra Haddix - Diversity
Lora Liao Lora Liao - Student Relations
Soohwan Jung Soohwan Jung - Academics
Kevin Monsanto Kevin Monsanto - Technology
Andrew Prom Andrew Prom - Assistant to the Executive Board

Technology Investment Management Committee

This committee manages student and institutional fees to improve technology on campus for students. It decides whether or not to approve tech fee requests.

Student and Activities Fee Budget Process

At the beginning of winter quarter, the ASEdCC Executive Officer for Budget and Finance shall provide opportunities for members of the campus community to apply for recognition as a subsidized program. Prior to the initiation of the S and A Fee Budget Committee deliberations, the Executive Board shall evaluate all currently funded programs, and the requests for new programs. The Executive Board shall determine which programs shall be eligible for funding and shall provide that information to the S and A Fee Budget Committee.

The S and A Fee Budget Committee shall invite each account director to present his/her budget to the budget committee.
After hearing subprogram requests, the S and A Fee Budget Committee shall meet to prepare a balanced budget.

When a preliminary balance has been established, the ASEdCC Executive Officer for Budget and Finance will schedule a preliminary balance hearing in order to provide account directors and any member of the campus community an opportunity to express viewpoints regarding the proposed ASEdCC Budget.

The ASEdCC Executive Officer for Budget and Finance shall distribute the balanced budget to the Director for Student Programs and the Senior Associate Dean for Student Life and Development for administrative review.

ASEdCC Constitution

ASEdCC Financial Code

Technology Investment Management Committee

2014-2015 ASEdCC Services and Activities Fee Budget