Creative Retirement Institute

CRI Standing Committees

Thank you for being a member of CRI. This shows that you not only love to enjoy the benefits of CRI but also that you are interested in the health and wellbeing of CRI. CRI is member driven. Our stated mission is to provide quality, affordable, educational opportunities for adults in a supportive environment. Our Advisory Board and Committee members work hard to be sure we do that. Quality, affordable, educational and supportive are equally important. Please help by contributing your ideas, time, talents and your social support in our classrooms. One very important way to contribute, and to enhance your CRI experience, is by joining a CRI committee. Thanks for being an active part of this great organization.

Audio/Visual Committee

Purpose: to provide technical support for classes


Curriculum Committee

Purpose: to develop college-level academic classes open to all regardless of previous educational background. Our goal is to present a varied slate of courses each term.


Finance Committee

Purpose: to insure the financial health of CRI.


Membership Committee

Purpose: to promote CRI in the community by informing individuals of the benefits of membership and encourage recruitment of new members and the renewal of membership by current and past members.


Social Committee

Purpose: the social committee is 'social" in two ways: it was created to serve the social side of the CRI experience and at the same time develops a sense of camaraderie among its members.


Speakers Committee

Purpose: To provide speakers for the quarterly luncheons.


Management Structure

In addition to our standing committees there are two other groups managing CRI.

Executive Committee

Purpose: To set the agenda for advisory board meetings. And to act on behalf of advisory board between meetings and on issues judged to be time critical; with actions reported at next advisory board meeting. This committee is made up of the chairs of the standing committees.

Advisory Board

Purpose: To advise and recommend to the program coordinator on matters of programs, finance, and policy. The board consists of the chairs of each committee and 15 representatives elected from the CRI membership. Each representative is elected for a three year term. Five representatives are elected each year.


Paid Employees

CRI has two paid employees, the Program Coordinator and an assistant.

Purpose: The primary role of CRI's Program Coordinator is to be the administrative liaison between the college and the members and volunteers who self-manage this institute for learning in retirement.