Credentials and Evaluation

International Transcript Evaluation

An official evaluation of your international transcript will be processed by a credentials evaluator. The evaluator will determine which courses will be accepted for transfer and apply the approved courses to your program requirement sheet. You must be currently attending classes or a former student to begin the evaluation process. A copy of your evaluation results will be emailed or mailed to you.

It is your responsibility to gather all of the required documents and submit them to a credentials evaluator for review.

What You Need to Submit to Begin the Evaluation Process

  • An official transcript, course descriptions, and/or a course syllabus from the issuing college or university.

  • An English translation of your transcript, course descriptions and course syllabi is required. See below.

  • An Evaluation Request-Transfer Credits form.

  • A comprehensive report completed by an independent credentials evaluation service. See below.

    • Any agency that examines educational/academic records for the purpose of determining U.S. standards. FIS, WES, and J.P. Sliney & Associates, for example.

    • All agencies charge a fee for their services, and an application is required.

Credentials, Evaluation, and Translation Service

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