Counseling and Resource Center

Meet the Staff

Our counselors have at least a Master's level education in counseling or related field and are licensed or licensed eligible in the state of Washington.

Diana Chernisky, M.A. Ed., LMHC-A

Diana obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice and her Master of Arts in Community Counseling from Seattle University. Her counseling experience includes individual and group counseling within a social justice and advocacy framework that includes personal, career and academic success counseling. Diana's experience draws from working with underserved, first-generation, and undocumented students. She believes the counseling process is a journey filled with discovery, challenge and growth and she is available to provide a safe and supportive environment to gain awareness and insight. Diana is from Hawaii and enjoys the sun, outdoors and paddle boarding.

Jenna Fox M.A.Ed., LMHC

Jenna obtained her Master of Arts in Education, Community Counseling with a Post Secondary specialization from Seattle University. Her counseling style is holistic, founded primarily on person centered therapy, which places an emphasis on the client/therapist relationship. She draws from many theoretical orientations, including Adlerian, Narrative, and Gestalt, to meet a client's individual needs, believing that therapy is best done collaboratively and creatively. Jenna has several years of experience working with individuals, groups and families. In addition to working with individuals with anxiety and depression, Jenna has considerable experience working with at-risk youth, adoptees, individuals in the LGBTQ community, and people in crisis.

Michelle Henningsen, M.A., LMFT

Michelle is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has experience working with adults who are making transitions in their lives, from deciding what to pursue in a career or juggling the roles of being a parent, student, partner or caregiver. She realizes that whatever we do in life, it can be filled with stress and that sometimes we need the help of a counselor to guide us in our journey. Michelle has counseling experience in the areas of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting, divorce, and balancing work and/or school and family. Michelle has work experience at a community counseling agency, a residential treatment center, and working with postpartum women, making the transition to parenthood.

Alana Jaeck, M.A.Ed., LMHC-A

Alana received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University at Albany in New York and a Master of Arts in Education in Community Counseling from Seattle University. Her training has focused on individual and group counseling within a social justice and advocacy framework and included coursework in personal counseling, career guidance, college student counseling and development, and addictions. Her counseling approach is based on the unique needs of the individual and it is her belief that counseling is a collaborative process that requires a trusting and respectful relationship between the client and the counselor. Alana believes counseling is most beneficial when the client invests in the process, and therefore she encourages you to be an active participant in your own growth and development. In her free time, Alana enjoys running, hiking, traveling and spending time with her dog.

Cory Kohm, M.A., LMHC-A

Cory obtained his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Ithaca College in New York State and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Western Seminary in Oregon State. His counseling experience includes helping clients with adjustment to life transitions, substance abuse, relationship concerns, and work performance. Cory employs a client-centered, cognitive counseling approach, whereby he will work collaboratively with clients to identify how thoughts and beliefs (cognitions) impact feelings and behavior, while supporting them in their growth process. His goal is to help you identify personal needs, understand conflicts, discover new options, and make informed choices. Cory enjoys endurance sports such as triathlon and running, as well as golf, music, and traveling.

Keiko Sano, M.A. – Counseling (candidate)

Keiko is currently working toward completing her Master of Arts in Counseling at Antioch University Seattle. She received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Information-Oriented management in Japan. Before moving to the United States, Keiko trained and served as a consultant for almost 15 years in different countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Australia. Diverse cultures and relationships trained her to be culturally sensitive, focus on positives, and respect different values and perceptions. She believes that clients have power of shifting a challenge to an opportunity to grow. Her counseling style is offering non-judgmental support and as much as available resources to clients during their challenging period of the life. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her dog under the sun.