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When Someone You Know...

...Might Be Suicidal

The Connection Between Depression and Suicide

(Also see our brochure on Depression)

Depression, left untreated, can be fatal. In the U.S., every year, over 30,000 people kill themselves. Experts say that the actual figure might be 3 times as many, because many suicides are reported as accidents. 95% of all suicides occur when people feel complete despair and hopelessness.

Depression can distort people’s thinking, so they can’t think clearly. They might not realize that they have a very treatable illness called depression. They might think that they cannot be helped, and they can be helped, through medication, therapy, and/or other treatment. Because depression can lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, this state can lead to suicidal thoughts.

If depression is recognized and treated, suicidal thoughts can be eliminated.
Many suicides can be prevented.

What are the Warning Signs of Suicide?

What are Some Myths About Suicide?

These statements are NOT TRUE:

What Can I Do if Someone I Know Might be Suicidal?

The more complete the plan and the means, the greater the need to get help immediately!

How Do I Get Help?

Learn More About Suicide Prevention:
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  
SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voice of Education  
Depression Central  

What If I Think I Might be Depressed? What If I Have Suicidal Thoughts?

Whether you are concerned about someone you know or about your own mental health, the same options and information described in this brochure are available, including the following:

  1. First, remember that depression is an illness that can be caused by many things.
  2. See a medical doctor first to explore any physical causes for depression and treatment.
  3. Call the Crisis Line or 911 right away if you’re in danger of harming yourself.
  4. If you do not feel in immediate danger, you might make an appointment with an Edmonds CC Counseling and Resource Center counselor to discuss your concerns and to find out how to move toward feeling better!

Care Crisis Line
Snohomish County Care Crisis Line: 425.258.HELP (4357) or 1.800.584.3578
(24-hour telephone crisis counseling; interpreters available)
King County Crisis Line: 206.461.3222 or 1.800.244.5767
Teen Link: 206.461.4922