Construction Management

Student Achievements

The Construction Management Department experiences an attrition rate of between 3 percent and 6 percent of new students. Most of these students leave the program for reasons other than difficulty with the course work. The course work is rigorous, but success is readily achievable for motivated and engaged students.

Salaries for graduates of our program will vary depending upon the size of the construction firm, the available position, and the graduate’s previous construction work experience.

The Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board collects employment data for professional-technical training programs around the state. The most recent statistics available are from the 2007-2008 academic years. The board credits the Construction Management program at Edmonds Community College with a 64 percent employment rate for graduates with an Associate Degree. Most, 72 percent, were employed in the field that they prepared for. The average salary was $50,252.

In 2011, at the depths of the recession, data collected through a graduate survey shows an employment rate of 50 percent. The salary range was from $42,000 to $100,000. Most fell in the $50,000- to $75,000-range, plus benefits. In addition, many students advance to higher paying jobs as a result of attending our classes.

Many companies pay for classes, offer medical and dental plans, retirement and/or profit sharing, vacation, and sick leave. Previous work experience is an important component in determining the outcomes of this program for each individual.