Construction Industry Training

Train For a Career in Construction

Learn Green Building Technology

Learn green building skills for entry-level jobs — from blueprint reading to roof rafter layout — in classes taught by professional carpenters, energy efficiency technicians, and green contractors while working on projects. Develop new skills in green building and environmental sustainability.

Earn the Construction Industry Training certificate. Advance in your career with pathways to Energy Management and Construction Management Associate of Technical Arts degrees.

Apply for the CIT Scholarship! Here's how:

  • To apply:
    1. Enroll at Edmonds CC;
    2. Register for CIT 109 Finishes;
    3. Fill out your FAFSA forms; and
    4. Fill out Rotary Club of Lynnwood CIT scholarship application.
  • Classes start April 7.
  • The Construction Industry Training (CIT) scholarship funded by the Rotary Club of Lynnwood.
  • The CIT scholarship is administered by the Edmonds CC Foundation and provides partial funding for CIT classes (roughly $350 to $500).
  • Questions? Contact Randy Sibley at 206.719.0350 or rsibley@edcc.edu.

Earn the Certificate in Three Quarters: Two Weekly Evening Classes

No prior experience is required.

This is a great choice if you are seeking an entry-level construction job, pre-apprenticeship training, or if you are in the construction industry and want to expand your knowledge.

Classes cover the latest methods and materials using a combination of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on projects. You will learn how the construction industry works and how to plan for a successful career in this field.

You will learn:

Construction safety • Manual and power tool usage • Blueprint reading • Construction materials • Blueprint site layout • Concrete footings and foundations • Structural trades • Plumbing • Electrical • HVAC • Interior finishes • Flagger certificate • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) 10-hour certificate • CPR and First Aid • Internship

Certificate Options

Construction Industry Training Certificate (25 credits)

  • Core Construction Skills I, CIT 103     
  • Core Construction Skills II, CIT 104
  • Structural Trades, CIT 105
  • Electrical and Mechanical Trades, CIT 106
  • Finishes, CIT 109
  • Energy Efficiency Technician, CIT 110
  • CIT Work Experience, CIT 198
  • OSHA 10-hour certificate
  • Flagger certificate
  • CPR and First Aid

Twelve credits can be applied to the Construction Management ATA.

Construction Fundamentals | Certificate of Completion (7 credits)

  • Core Construction Skills I, CIT 103
  • Core Construction Skills II, CIT 104
  • OSHA 10-hour certificate
  • Flagger certificate
  • CPR and First Aid

Energy Efficiency Technician Certificate (17 credits)

Gain construction and weatherization skills. Learn to work with energy efficiency construction techniques and auditing equipment.

  • Energy Efficiency Technician, CIT 110
  • Core Construction Skills I, CIT 103
  • Energy Basics, ENRGY 102
  • Energy Efficiency: Design, Construction, and Retrofit, ENRGY 120

This certificate counts toward a two-year Energy Management degree.


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