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Creating Your Technical Résumé (CIS STUDENTS)

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Examples of Technical Skills Sections

Example: #1

Database Software/OS Networking
Oracle Administration DOS CCNA Certification
OCP Certification Windows 95/98/2000 CISCO Networking
Pl/SQL 2000 Office 2000 LAN Administration
Access 2000 Web Development Basic UNIX
Vision 2000 HTML Troubleshooting
Database Theory and Design Visual Basic 6.0 Quick Books Hardware upgrades Installation of Software


Example #2


Networking: Certified in RJ-45, Category 5 installation; designed and set-up cost database for LAN (2 segments of 25 & 29 workstations); familiar with hubs, routers, bridges, servers, punch-down blocks, switches, patch panels, topologies, and all cabling.

Programming: Visual Basic 6.0

Hardware: Build PCs from parts; install peripherals and devices; familiar with oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, and ammeter; Certified in Plated Through Hole and Surface Mount soldering; skilled at Logic Gates and IC technology; familiar with CMOS and Device Manager.

Software: Windows 95/98/2000; MS-DOS; Office 97 & 2000; Internet.


Example: #3

Computer Software & Operating Systems

Courses included: Litigation Practice, Real Estate and Property Law, Commercial Transactions, Evidence, Law Office Management, Interviewing and Investigation Techniques, Advanced Legal Writing and Research.

Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0 Cisco IOS 11.0
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Windows NT 4.0, NetWare 5.0
Red Linus 6.1 MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint
Kernel 2.2.12 DOS Windows 9X Visio 2000
Cisco Config Maker 2.4  


Example: #1

Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA
Visual Basic/C/C++ Certificate 3.9 GPA

  • VB Projects: Mortgage Loan Calculator, “Craps” Dice Game, GPA Calculator
  • C/C++ projects: Multiple Tuition Calculator using Input and Output Database Files
  • Java Projects: Computer Science Department Web Pages, Multiple Table/Frame Home Site
  • JavaScript Projects: DHTML Page with Image Rollover
  • Technical Communication Project: As part of a two-person team, wrote 47-page employee manual for Entry Services Department at college. Information gathered through interviews with staff.

Example: #2

Edmonds Community College, Associate or Technical Arts, December 2001
Computer Information Systems, Networking Specialization
Three quarters of Cisco courses with hands-on experience including:

  • Setting up LAN Hubs
  • Configuring Virtual LAN
  • Installing Windows NT 4.0
  • Installing Novell NetWare 5.0
  • Configuring Cisco 1601, 2500 routers, subnetting a class B network
  • Simulating LAN and WAN environment with 5 routers and two 1500 series switches
  • Installing, configuring Linux 2.2, adding users, changing permissions

Example: #3

Associate of Technical Arts, Computer Information Systems, August 2001
Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA

  • Working in teams, planned and executed several database systems and hardware requirements from the beginning to the SDLC to the final stages
  • Setup, configured, and maintained a networked environment containing five routers and switches
  • Team leader on the basic design of LAN – designed LAN for two campus buildings
  • Team member for a Help Desk Staff of five students – provided technical support for 40+ computers and users, simulating real-world operational problems

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