Academic Computer Services

Lab Software

Following is a list of software installed in the Academic Computer Labs. To request new software for a class, instructors need to provide written licenses, the installation disks, and user manuals or textbooks. These three items should be considered minimums, other data and support items may be necessary. For a full list of requirements, please view the following document: software requirements. Please also view the following document that addresses some common questions surrounding software installation.

When testing software for each quarter's images, please download and fill in the following document: Software Testing Form

New timelines for Software Requests are now in place.  The guidelines regarding requests for new and upgraded software can be viewed here: Software Request Guidelines

Timelines for each quarter's Software Requests can be viewed by clicking this link.

To see a list of our software and the computer labs where the software is running click ACS Software/Building Room list.

To see a map of the Library Learning Commons and notes of special software installed there click here.