Academic Computer Services

CLUG Notes October 26, 2007

Attendees: Anthony Lewis, Brandon Zimmerman, David Winney, Jessica Wallace, Kyle Berns, Marti Baker, Michael Yocom, Paul Bladek, Scott Hawkinson

CLUG Meetings: Do we need to continue to have regular CLUG meetings?  Should we meet only when something big is happening? Jessica will pose this question to CLUG via e-mail.

MS Vista: We are pretty sure that the labs will go to MS Vista for Fall '08, but we will not know definitively until early January '08.  It will be important for faculty members to talk about their desire/need to go to MS Vista with their department and make sure that their deans know their feelings on moving to MS Vista.

MS Vista: ACS is working on getting MS Vista onto one of each of the different models of computers that are running in the labs. We will then load the applications currently used onto the computers to see how the applications run on MS Vista. Assuming the decision is made to go to MS Vista, ACS will make these computers available for testing purposes for faculty during winter quarter.

MS Vista: ACS is currently reviewing all computers in the labs and noting which will currently run MS Vista and which will need to be replaced or upgraded in order to run MS Vista.

Tech Fee Management Committee: Scott Hawkinson, ASEdCC's Executive Officer for Technology and chair of the Tech Fee Management Committee (TFMC), asked that we let students know about the TFMC. The TFMC needs student participants.

Tech Fee Requests: Scott also reminded us about the schedule for Tech Fee Funds requests.