Academic Computer Services

CLUG Notes May 15, 2009

Attendees: Carl Hurley, Caroline Mann, David Winney, Elmo Cooper, Jessica Wallace, Jolene Kovesdi, Kyle Berns, Lesley Lofstrand, Michael Yocom, Rod Halverson

Google Apps

Fall software due dates

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) – will need to go to it, windows updates forcing it

Simple power-saving steps – The college needs your help!

New computers (and new model) this fall:

We put in a TIMC request to replace computers in ALD 105, MLT 210 & 212. The older computers from these areas will replace
even older computers in several labs across campus.

Print Management

WHEN will the print management system be implemented?

WHAT is print management?

WHY do we need print management?

WHO does this impact?

WHERE will print management be implemented?

HOW much will this cost students?

HOW can we reduce costs to students?