About Our College

Our Strategic Goals for 2015-17

Increasing Access to the College

  1. Focusing on Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) including, but not limited to, increasing state enrollments from high school students, Latino students, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields
  2. Educating our internal and external communities about our educational programs
  3. Addressing Mission Indicator 2.1: Access for Students

Supporting Student Progression

  1. Focusing on student progression including, but not limited to creating seamless pathways for all educational programs of study; efficient and effective student advising for transfer and entry into the workforce; and identifying and implementing strategies to increase student retention and completion
  2. Addressing Mission Indicator 4.1: Student Progression
  3. Addressing Mission Indicator 4.3: Student Graduation Rate
  4. Addressing Mission Indicator 4.4: Student Transfer-out Rate

Improving the Student Experience at the College

  1. Focusing on improving the student experience, including but not limited to, creating opportunities to get feedback from students regarding their entire experience; identifying and taking action to simplify processes for students; and ensuring a strong student voice in college participatory governance
  2. Addressing Mission Indicator 2.3: Support for Students Receiving Financial Assistance
  3. Addressing Mission Indicator 3.1: Satisfaction with Career Counseling
  4. Addressing Mission Indicator 4.5: Supportive Learning Environments
  5. Addressing Mission Indicator 5.3: Lifelong Learning