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Finish your high school degree with us!

Program Overview

Students can get a head start on college by completing their high school degree and earning college credits at the same time.  Our program is open to all students 16 years of age or older who have not yet earned a high school diploma.  Classes taken in a student’s home country or while studying abroad may count toward the diploma.  The program is designed to fit each student’s previous high school education.  Students often can take college courses to satisfy high school and college requirements.



No high school experience is required.  However, students may get high school credits for classes already taken.  Please submit official high school transcripts in English for every year of high school completed, including 9th grade or the final year of junior high school. 

Transcripts must be submitted as soon as possible for students to be placed in the correct classes. Click here to view an example of an official transcript. 

English Proficiency Requirements

Students are given an English assessment test upon arrival to determine placement in the program. If necessary, students will be given Intensive English as a Second Language instruction to prepare them for the high school portion of the program. 

Students who can provide the following official scores will be guaranteed to enter the high school program during their first quarter at Edmonds CC.

Graduation Requirements

Washington High School diploma requirements include credits in:

To complete the program, students will be required to take an exit exam. Students who pass the exam will receive a high school diploma from Edmonds Community College that meets requirements set by Washington State. This diploma is accepted by most colleges and universities in the US and Canada.

Please click here for a downloadable document of required courses and exit exam scores.