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logoStudying abroad is an investment in your future. As our world grows increasingly globalized, it is becoming more important for students to gain international experience and immerse themselves in other cultures.

Studying abroad can help you do this and more. Other benefits of studying abroad include: strengthening an application to a university; enhancing your resume; building foreign language skills; improving your confidence, as well as communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills; gaining responsibility and independence; increasing your awareness of the world and your place in it; and discovering new things about yourself.

In addition, you can meet new people, try new foods, and see amazing sights with your own eyes. (Wouldn’t your selfies be a million times cooler if they had the Louvre in the background, or if you were petting a kangaroo?)

With Edmonds CC Study Abroad, you can broaden your horizons while earning credits you need. Each program comes fully equipped with the experience of a lifetime. If you have any doubts about just how life-changing studying abroad is, have a look at “What Students Say.”

Our programs welcome nearly all students, including those with no foreign language experience, international students, and those enrolled in Running Start. Financial aid and other scholarships and grants may apply for some of the program costs. For more information, check out “Funding Your Experience.”

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