Restoration Horticulture

Learn the art and science of Restoration Horticulture
Native plants • green roofs • green walls • bioswales • rain gardens

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Work for a greener world

Learn to repair damaged land, habitat, and ecosystems in a unique, new, two-year degree program at Edmonds Community College.

Gain expertise in a new field

Learn how to replant natural areas by designing, establishing, and stewarding native plant communities. Create green spaces in urban settings using green roofs and walls, rain gardens, and bioswales.

Prepare for green-collar careers

Work as a restoration horticulture specialist in public service jobs at the state, county, or city level or in the private sector with landscaping or environmental services firms and
restoration consultants.

Classes include:

We're committed to thinking, teaching, and living green

This new degree is part of the college’s sustainability efforts, which include the development of curriculum to teach environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable practices. We’re preparing students for the emerging sector of green-collar jobs.