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Thank you for choosing the Edmonds Community College Horticulture Department!

We continue to work on developing online and hybrid classes. Currently the following classes are occasionally offered online or as hybrids (mostly online with few in-class sessions).

HORT 102 - Horticulture Plant Science

4.0 Credits

Plants: how do they function, what are they made out of, why are they known by such unusual names? The answers to these questions and more will be presented in this botany for gardeners class.

HORT 103 - Horticulture Tools and Equipment

2.5 Credits

Identification, selection, maintenance and safe use of tools and equipment common to the landscape and nursery industries. Safety issues such as hearing, skin and eye protection, lifting-warm-up exercises, and fuel transportation are included.

HORT 110 - Pest Management Principles and Chemical Safety

3.0 Credits

Introduction to the basic tenets of pest management, pesticide safety, and proper use of equipment. State license testing is required at an additional cost dependent upon type of test. Prerequisite: Placement into BRDGE 093 or EAP 121or higher and MATH 080 or higher.

HORT 160 - Woody Plants for Gardeners

5.0 Credits

Interested in learning 250 of the most commonly used woody landscape plants? This class is a primer on trees and shrubs for Northwest gardens. Be prepared to arrive and depart from field sites on your own. combinations. Field trips are an integral part of this class. Be prepared to arrive and depart from field sites on your own.

HORT 174 - Landscape Materials

3.0 Credits

Selection, use and sizing of materials and plants for landscaping and nursery use. Estimating quantities of materials for typical horticultural applications. Prerequisite: Placement into MATH 080 or higher.

HORT 192 - Horticultural Careers

1.5 Credits

Overview of horticultural careers, industry professionals present career information to familiarize students with career choices, requirements, benefits, and challenges. S/U grade option.

HORT 249 - Pacific Northwest Land and Water Issues

3.0 Credits

Introduction to land and water resource use, conflicts, and resource management issues in the Pacific Northwest. Prerequisite: GEOG 150 or concurrently enrolled and/or instructor's permission.

HORT 278 - Landscape Construction Design

4.0 Credits

Covers the preparation of landscape construction drawings including layout, grading and construction details. Basic drafting conventions and techniques are also taught and practiced. This course parallels landscape construction classes, HORT 275 and 276. Prerequisite: HORT 174 and placement into MATH 080 or higher.

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