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Diverse Opportunities Offered for Individuals and Business

ArtsNow: Develop Your Creative and Entrepreneurial Skills

We offer education that nurtures the artistic spirit from creation to commerce. Classes start throughout the quarter, ranging from visual, performing, literary, language, and media arts, to business skills for the artist.

Business and Training Center

Developing and deliver training solutions that keep your business competitive and state-of-the-art. Whether your company is customer-driven, patient-oriented, service, or product based, from 1-1,000 or more employees, we can deliver the training you need to get you to where you want to be.

Creative Retirement Institute

The Creative Retirement Institute (CRI) of Edmonds Community College is a member-driven, self-supporting organization whose mission is to provide quality, affordable educational opportunities for adults in a supportive environment.

Family Life Education: Classes and Preschools

Talk about the demands and joys of parenting and your child's growth and development in classes offered throughout the year. Interact with other parents and spend time playing with your child each week at a cooperative preschool in community locations or at the college's Center for Families. An instructor is on hand to answer questions and provide information.

Institute for Early Childhood Career Development

The Institute for Early Childhood Career Development at Edmonds Community College offers professional development opportunities for you: workshops, seminars and short courses on topics related to working with children from birth through age 8.