Financial Aid

2014-15 Forms

The list below includes links to actual forms in addition to processes required to complete your financial aid file. Please note the following:

  1. When your FAFSA is uploaded, we send you an email indicating you may view what documents, forms and processes are needed to complete your file using the Financial Aid Portal.
  2. Check the Financial Aid Portal located on the Financial Aid Homepage to identify which of the forms and processes are required.
  3. Do not submit forms and documents, or complete processes that are not required as this may slow down the processing of your file.
  4. Submit the correct form for the year intended. Summer quarter is the first quarter of the year. Spring is the last. Often two years of forms, one for the current year and one for the upcoming year, are available for submission.
  5. Fill out the forms online. There are required fields that must be completed before you are able to print and sign the forms.
  6. Use the “Print and Sign” button at the bottom of the form – do not print until you have clicked this button, otherwise you will not be given the official form.
  7. Official forms are in PDF format, and have a bar code on the first page and a signature line at the bottom of the form you print.  (Adobe Reader required. Click here to install.)
  8. Submit official forms to the Enrollment Services counter on the first floor of Lynnwood Hall. You may also mail the forms to the Financial Aid Services Office, or fax them to 425.640.1159.

EdMail: You are required to use it! It is the way we communicate with you.

The college assigns all students EdMail (email) accounts within a couple of days after they register for their first class. Note: if you are a former student returning after time away from school, check with the Enrollment Services Office to confirm what email address we have on file for you. We use the address recorded in the Enrollment Services records. To gain access to your account, follow the steps at