Financial Aid Services

Prior Academic Transcript

If you attended Edmonds Community College in the past, federal financial aid regulations require us to review your transcript and determine if you made satisfactory academic progress during your previous enrollment. If you did not complete the credits you enrolled for, or if you received poor grades, you may not be initially eligible to receive financial aid. Please note the following:

When you submit a petition, explain why you were not able to make satisfactory academic progress when you previously attended Edmonds Community College.

Note: We take into consideration any extenuating circumstances that prevented you from successfully completing your classes, the amount of time you have been away from school, steps you are taking to help you satisfactorily complete your classes in the future, and if you were attending under a high school completion program.

If your GPA (Grade Point Average) is below a 2.0 and it is mathematically impossible for you to raise your GPA to at least a 2.0 within the current school year, your petition will not be approved.