General Education Development (GED)

About the GED (General Educational Development) Tests

The GED® tests are primarily multiple-choice tests in five subject areas similar to those of public high school areas of study: social studies, science, language arts (reading), writing skills, and mathematics.

* Social Studies | 70 minutes – 50 questions

* Science | 80 minutes – 50 questions

* Language Arts, Reading | 65 minutes - 40 questions

* Language Arts, Writing | 120 minutes - 50 questions and essay (2 parts)

The writing test is divided into two sections: the first shows sentences that may or may not include errors that require correction. The second section is an essay assignment of about 250 words on one of several topics provided by the test makers. If a test-taker completes Part One in less than 75 minutes, he/she may go on to Part Two, the essay portion. If the essay is completed in less than 45 minutes, the test-taker may return to Part One.

* Mathematics | 90 minutes - 50 questions (2 parts)

The Mathematics subtest includes assessments in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, number relations, data analysis, statistics, probability, and set-up questions where candidates must identify correct ways to solve problems. Approximately 20 percent of the mathematics questions are not multiple-choice.

* Testing Center


Please be advised that the GED tests will be computer-based beginning Jan. 1, 2014. The $150 fee will continue when these tests are implemented. You will have until Dec. 5, 2013, to complete the current test battery (paper and pencil tests) being used. If you do not complete the current battery by then, you will have to start all over by taking the computer-based tests.

For more information about testing times and procedures, please contact the Testing Center at 425.640.1546.