About Our College

Students and Community: At the Heart of All We Do

Our Mission

Edmonds Community College strengthens our diverse community by helping students access educational and career opportunities in a supportive environment that encourages success, innovation, service, and lifelong learning.

Our Core Themes

Our Vision

Transforming lives through exemplary, nationally recognized educational and career pathways

Our Values

The Board, employees, and students of our college value:

Collaboration and Communication

Responsibility and Accountability

Innovation and Creativity

Diversity, Respect, and Inclusion

College-Wide Abilities

Edmonds Community College offers opportunities to integrate knowledge and skills in order to reason clearly; communicate and interact respectfully; explore critically and creatively; and act responsibly. Emphasizing these core, college-wide abilities provides a consistent educational focus that encourages students and members of the college community to develop knowledge, habits, and skills for lifelong learning.

Students, who earn any of our two-year degrees or shorter-term certificates, have many opportunities across the curriculum to develop and apply college-wide abilities in preparation for their roles in an increasingly diverse, information-driven society. 

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Integrated and Strategic Planning

Edmonds Community College's mission statement helps direct and inform the college's planning efforts and resource allocation processes. The college's strategic plan is implemented through broad-based constituency groups known as Strategic Planning Councils. The strategic plan assists the college in achieving its vision.

Operational-level planning is completed through the college's SIMPLE Plan framework (with SIMPLE standing for: Strategic, Informed, Measurable Process Leading to Effectiveness). SIMPLE plans tie together program profiles, assessments, and goals. Both strategic and operational-level planning are aligned with the college's core themes, objectives, and strategic goals – all of which are mapped to the college's mission statement and definition of mission fulfillment.


Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and governed by the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.

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